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Is Your Website Design Device Friendly?

Web Design is in the middle of an exciting evolution. Technology developments have forever changed the way people access the internet. Devices dominate more than half of all browsing traffic, but they don’t display information in quite the same way as a computer will. Screen resolution differences and technology rejection (eg. Flash), can render parts or all of your website completely blank or unreadable. If this is the case with your Website, you’ve lost user interest before a word is ever read.

Whether you are looking for a temporary quick-fix or a complete user experience re-design, we can help! We have decades of experience designing Websites that are optimized for current technology, and we have experienced trends like this before and embraced the changes with creativity! We love what we do, and want to share our excitement with our clients!

Our Core Services: Web & Print Graphic Design

Our Studio is a complete Graphic Design Studio offering complete design solutions for Print, Web and Media. Our specialization includes:

Website Design

Website Design, Programming, Domains & Hosting

Every client situation is unique. We work with you in the early stages to identify your needs, then make recommendations based on key variables in each unique situation.

We work from concept to creation of complete websites that are custom built, or designed to work with popular content management systems like WordPress. We can register your new site and host it for you it for you with our competitive hosting products!

We can assist with regular or ongoing maintenance, so your website content stays current and interesting!

Print Design

Digital, Offset, Screenprinting, Laser Engraving

Print materials have not been completely replaced by digital media, and never will be. Print is still very popular for information and brand distribution, advertising, product packaging and more.

Business cards, catalogues and reports, product packaging, tee shirts, signage and more! If it's printed with ink, or engraved with a laser, we can help you create it!

Whatever "it" is, we will work with you and your budget to create a cost effective design and printing solution!

Marketing and Media

Photography, Video & Social Marketing

Once marketing materials are created, you need to get the message out! We can help you design an effective marketing strategy that works for today's market that has been changed by people's changing access to technology.

Social marketing plays a vital role in a successful strategy, and it doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming to master. We can help you get up and running like a pro!

If your project requires custom photography, photo restoration or video footage to get your product or idea across, we provide professional photography, video and photo editing services.

What have we done lately?

January, 2013

Stellar Lanes consult with us to help redesign their birthday party packages. The goal is to provide information and supportive tools to parents that is fun, easy to use and adds value to hosting a party at Stellar Lanes. The result was the creation of three structured packages based on party size and includes downloadable invitations and a party planning kit to help make organizing the birthay party easier for everyone. Check it out!

December, 2012

Pull The Plug Podcast, a WordPress enabled Website launches at!

Parish Lanes new Website is launched at!

November, 2012

Stellar Lanes hires us to promote their annual Christmas and New Year's festivities through their Website and promoted through Facebook and Twitter.

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